The main question members ask us: why we should pay for new updates. Not everyone understands that we can provide updates for free as long as our VPS, on which we activated the advisor, is not blocked by the mql5 service. As long as we can activate advisors on this VPS, we can easily activate and provide updates for free, because we receive updates from mql5 for free, just like any other market buyer. But when our VPS is blocked, we see this error:

hidden in security reason

No matter what advisor/indicator or utility - the result will be the same: it is impossible to download the update. What should we do in this case? We have to activate a new VPS with the provider, then activate any advisor on the new VPS and send the programmer the data so that he can create a new msimg32.dll = a new VPS server for our advisors from mql5. This costs money, so we have to pay for the new DLL, and in order for you to receive new updates with this msimg32.dll, you will have to pay a modest amount and receive all the advisors you bought with us.

We cannot constantly activate a new msimg32.dll and distribute updates for free, because it costs money and no one will give us new DLL files for free + activating the VPS server also costs money, and to avoid problems for buyers with this file, it is necessary to activate a normal and expensive VPS, which also costs money, that's why we collect a small amount from everyone who wants to receive updates.

Each of you receives archives with rules to follow, and we strongly ask you to follow all the instructions so as not to lose the opportunity to receive further updates and not to lose activations. If each of you follows the rules, our VPS (msimg32.dll) will live longer, and more products can be activated and receive updates for a longer time.